After the world of adolescence is over, we enter college. A place where dreams turn into careers. Strangers become lifelong friends, and life just gets . . . . In the board game, Adult-ish, players pioneer their own college experience through a series of satirical yet practical choices, and ultimately achieve a degree. It’s a competitive narrative game where college students learn to adult-ish.
Adult-ish is a competitive narrative game where the player will build their own college campus and make decisions based on tasks presented to them. As the player makes a decision and exports their college campus it will bring them closer to achieving a college degree and reaching adulthood. The first player to obtain their Life Requirements (Major units, Social and Personal points) wins!

Who should play it?

Adultish is 3-4 player games for ages 15+ and up. We made this game for late teens and early adultus who are going to, currently, or have just experienced college. The language and nattive choices are very relatable to a current college experience, but it's a fun game to play with family and friends.

Where can they play it?
The game will be available to purchase on game crafter in the summer of 2020.

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Katie Zhao, Bhavin Shah, Sasha Williams, Richard Zhang

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