Ambush! is a fast-paced strategy card game where players use a variety of hand-drawn fantasy characters and creatures to defeat their friends in a 4 player free-for-all. Draw a card, place it face down in the center grid, play a card from your hand, place it down in the grid. The grid grows larger as the turns go by. If 2 ambush cards find their way to the grid, it’s pandemonium as players reach to grab the face-down cards! The only way to get new cards is to remember which one is which in the grid and grab them!

Who should play it?

Fans of any strategy card game would love Ambush! Dominion, the Pokemon TCG and Hearthstone were all inspiration to Ambush.

Where can they play it?
On any flat surface, be it table, car-hood or coffin!

When can they play it?
Ambush! is available to purchase on the game crafter website. A kickstarter will be available over the summer if you’re interested in making Ambush! a reality!


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Michael Ford, Mastato Lin, Brendan Tighe, Tongwei Dai

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