What is your game?
Apollo is an experimental multiplayer game about the Apollo moon missions.
In it, an astronaut player fights for survival in a historic disaster while 1-4 mission- command players guide them through it, using nothing but radio communication.

Who should play it?
Game-festival goers, students, people interested in the Apollo missions, and even the gaming-un-initiated. Tight, simple controls, a 12-minute playtime and a wide-reaching theme keep the barrier to entry low.

Where can they play it?
Apollo is an installation piece run from a PC/MAC downloadable.

When can they play it?
Players should look for Apollo at upcoming game festivals, or follow us for upcoming news about a fully-featured, download-only version.

Trailer: https://youtu.be/oP0wGqrqDrc

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Matts Borges, Lukas Schwarzer, Leon Cybul, Kevin Robles, Harrison Gerard, Blayke LaRue

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