What is your game?
You are put in an escape pod after something goes wrong during your space travel vacation. You are taught how to activate and drive the pod with the AI assistant - Aria. However, on the way back to safety, disaster strikes. How can you and Aria overcome the dangers and successfully reach the space station together?
Aria is a short sitting interactive VR story and it provides an extremely strong emotional experience for players as they interact with a sassy and cute emoji AI assistant, navigate the ship through a beautiful environment, engage with problem-solving mechanics, and listen to touching music and sound.

Who should play it?
Age 5+ who want to experience VR

Where can you play it?
At home with Oculus Rift and Rift S
A swivel chair
A two square meters empty space

When can they play it?


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Rong Deng, Xin Ye, Rui Huang , Cheng Guo, Norvin Tu-Wang, Maxton Waller

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