Binky Saves the World

Binky Saves the World is a couch-co-op game for two players to save the world from a nuclear disaster. Player 1, the researcher, uses a mouse and keyboard to move around and control the first person camera. Player 2, Binky, flies around and uses their Magnet ability to repair the broken parts of the facility and make a path for the researcher to traverse to the next area. Both players have the same game screen, so this game requires cooperation and communication to get to the end of each section. Binky Saves the World was created for the 2020 Global Game Jam, and is continuing to be worked on, and features an original score in collaboration with the Thornton School of Music.

Anyone who loves quirky couch co-op games will enjoy this game, it’s playable for all ages.

This game requires two controllers, and runs on Mac and PC.

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Meha Magesh, Matts Borges, Fanfu Shentu, Alexandra Kalinowski, André Pascual

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