Impulse Control

What is your game?
Impulse Control is a projectile launching game with realistic building destruction. The player takes a personality quiz as they play through the levels and gets assigned a personality profile. The resilient structures make Impulse Control challenging, while at the same time it is a casual and relaxing game to play.

Who should play it?
The personality quiz is geared towards ages 10+. Many people don’t know their personality type until they are older, often when they take a caliper test for their job. Learning about your personality type can help you understand your strengths and identify areas for improvement. Also, structural engineers seem to really enjoy the game.

Where can they play it?
Impulse Control is listed for iOS on the Apple App Store, Android on the Google Play Store, and PC on Steam and

When can they play it?
Available now, it’s free with no ads or in-app purchases.

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Twitter handle is @ctrl_impulse

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Nathan Bissonnette, Ethan Barber, Steven Garcia, Paul Mass

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