Incursion is a competitive multiplayer game serving as a platform where 2 of the biggest playerbases in Esports, shooters and strategy, fight head on against each other. Competitive shooters and strategists utilize their respective skillsets and learn to adapt against players who fight in a totally different style then they are used to.

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Ryota (Ike) Dan, Arnold Ha, Bac Le, Molly Zussman, Isaac Tang, Muhammad Albayati, Hongze (Eric) Yu, Nick Solari, Luting Wang, Shivaan Kulanathan, Jiechang Shi, Nathan Shangkala, Francis Rockwell, Destin Trang, Yuran (Hesh) Yan, Catherine Wu, Rachel Li, Katie Xu, Hang Luo, Andy Huang, Anthony Ma, Nolan Lu, Skylar Burchatz, Andrew Obeso, Denise Arevalo, Gabriel Juarez, Juan Lobo, Erin Brandt, Robert Gonzalez, Jing Yang

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