Koa is a puzzle platformer where you GROW the platforms.

Koa needs your help to save his home forest of Ekos! Let your imagination guide Koa: grow and cut enchanted branches to help him traverse his perilous path and free the spirits of Ekos from an insidious dark magic!

With 10 gorgeous levels to complete, each with a number of solutions bounded only by your imagination, you won't want to leave Ekos until you've freed every one of Koa's friends. And make sure to earn *Gold Stars* by beating each level with as few branches as possible - there might just be something in it for you...

Koa is a fun challenge for gamers of all ages. If you enjoy puzzle games like Cut the Rope or
Monument Valley, but you’re ready for something new, Koa is the game for you!

Koa is available on the iOS App Store today for iPhone and iPad! The game runs on iOS 9.0 or later.

Facebook: facebook.com/koamobilegame
Instagram: instagram.com/koa_game

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Sam Kushell, Kevin Hong-de Yan, Dhruv Bhuta, Noah Koecher, Yun Tian (Tony) Xu, Yue (Joyce) Zhu, Richard Flores, Buting (Burt) Xu, Sheehan Ahmed, Shurong Cui, Chloe Kim, Madhuri Deo, Kristian Bansil, Leo Liu, Heidi Choi, Fiona Cahill, Zheng Zhuo (Elsa) Liu, Anthony Sabatino, Joy Cheever, Zach Frischer, Delani Wolf, Patricia Ho

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