Koshka's Kofe

What is your game?
After inheriting her estranged father’s coffee shop following his death, Catarina Koshka returns to her hometown to try to find closure. In this somber but heartwarming visual novel, players
will make coffee, meet cute animal characters, and navigate the encroaching advances of a predatory corporation bent on buying out your neighborhood shop.

Who should play it?
This game is intended for casual audiences interested in narrative experiences. Fans of food service games like Diner Dash and Spongebob: Flip or Flop will enjoy this game as well.

Where can they play it?
This is a computer game playable on either PC or Mac.

When can they play it?
We are planning to release on itch.io after the semester ends.

Primary website and/or page and/or social media platform?
The game doesn’t have a web page but we encourage people who are interested to check out our respective websites.

Social Media Links
The game doesn’t have a social media page.

Full Team List
Michelle Ma - Art & Engineering

JP Jupiter - Narrative Design

Cloud Tian - Sound Effects & Music

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Michelle Ma, JP Jupiter, Cloud Tian

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