Nebula Within

What is your game?
Nebula Within is a contemplative yet challenging experience about confronting insecurities and doubts in the context of an easy-to-pick-up, but hard to master, twin-stick shooter. You’ll descend into the Nebula with up to 8 players to rewrite harmful mantras, overcome geometric abstractions of your feelings, and track your progress by revealing hidden pages in the mysterious “Nebulatic Diary.”

Who should play it?
Nebula Within is for those of us who enjoy a good challenge and like to mull over our feelings through games. All genders, 13+

Where can they play it?
Nebula Within will run on both PCs and Macs.

When can they play it?
Nebula Within will be available on PCs through Steam on July 14, 2020. Mac release to follow.

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Nicolas Oueijan, Alaric Qin

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