In Parallel, you play as Nohla, an interdimensional vigilante running from her past. The game is a 3D action platformer set in a solarpunk world and a cyberpunk world which have both been subdued by the totalitarian Collective. Players will feel like a superhero as they progress through agility-based puzzles across alternate dimensions. But as artifacts of Nohla’s past appear, they will also go on an emotional journey of trauma, family, and forgiveness.

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Bonnie Harris-Lowe, Yifan Meng, Ye Cao, Tea Melendez, Michelle Ma, Vanessa Torres, Jose Mares, Kevin Booth, Meny Menczel, Milner Sommers, Taylor Dinwiddie, Ruth Karlsson, Saife Hussein, Devon Gadzinski, Heidi Juarez, Julia Newman, Nico Fife, Cherie G. Carter, Shrey Bhargva

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