Planet Quest

What is your game?
Planet Quest is a strategy board game where players race to explore the galaxy. Players discover planets, complete quests, and battle each other to be the first to explore all the planets. This board game was created by members of USC’s 3D4E (3D printing) club.

Who should play it?
Our game is recommended for ages 12 and up. It is designed to both provide challenge to experienced strategy board game players and remain accessible to casual board game players.

Where can they play it?
This is a physical board game.

When can they play it?
Depending on the world health situation, the game is planned to be released late fall of 2020.

Social Media Links
Instagram: planetquestgame
TikTok: planetquestgame
Twitter: @planetqgame

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Our Team

Katie Moulton, Connor Aguilar, Jethro Lim, Natasha Mandi

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