What is your game?
RabBound is a 2D platformer pixel art style game. A game about a space rabbit who travel across the endless universe by jump to different planets. He need to get to his home planet and to warn his friends about the incoming apocalypse.

Who should play it?
RabBound is designed as a cute style game with minimum challenge. We are aiming for people with from all ages and backgrounds. We expect the audience to have some experience of any kinds of 2D platformer games.

Where can they play it?
The game can be played on PC platform, including Windows and MacOS.

When can they play it?
There are up-to-date versions on itch.io where the players can download for PC.

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Yuran (Hesh) Yan, Tianyi He, Gabriel Lacayo, Thomas Chen, Katie Xu, Dylan Drain

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