Retronomicon is a retro puzzle arcade game with two major points, Play and Create.

Play is simple. Players can move any cyan colored cube and portals anywhere they want in the playspace. The objective is to guide the ball from the spawn to the goal. The challenge is to hit and break as many blocks as you can and still reach the goal. Play the tutorial and the campaign modes. Once you have a feel for it, jump into online and play levels created and shared by other players.

Play is carried out in two phases:

Passive phase: players can set the board up however they like with as much time as they like. The spawn will continuously show a prediction path that the ball will use once the player hits the drop button. Use the path to help the setup phase.

Active phase: Once the player hits the Drop button they can no longer move anything. The ball will continue to bounce around the level until it hits the goal or the boundary wall on the top, bottom, left and right sides of the screen.

Create is awesome:
In the create mode players can construct, test and share levels with the world for the online mode. Players have access to the same exact tools used to design the single player game. Make anything you like, save it for later, test it out and when you're ready upload it! You can also save levels other people have made in the online mode to make your own versions.

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Charlie Dunlap, Eric Huang, Frankie Serrano, Jerome Ching, Jheremy Strom, Kristian Skistad, Richard Ortega-Amezcua, Anmol Khanna, Sam Aisen, Blake Huxell, Camilo Forero, Joseph Yang, TED E, Billy Hammer, Steven Rader, Chris Keya, Waveshaper, Caroleen Suzuki, Gaurav Baney

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