Soulfarer is a mixed reality game that innovates on the way shoulder pain rehabilitation is conducted for manual wheelchair users. Soulfarer improves the traditional process of physical therapy by adding an immersive gaming experience that is engaging, authentic, and useful for both patients and therapists. Explore where therapy meets mystery at

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Lance Newby, Paul Gioeli, Peter Kasper, David Guevara, Weston Bell-Geddes, Peter Yang, Jessica Zhu, Bhavin Shah, Jeff Pin-Chuan Chen, Edwin Sookiassian, Katie Zhao, Jiaxuan (Olivia) Yin, Emily Pellegrini, Amanda Graf, Devaun Hebert, Alyssa Matlosz, Morgan Kuligowski, Wendi Wu, Jersy Vazquez, Lorenzo Carrano, Jeremy Tisser, Ashton Tu, Dani Lewis

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