The Candle

The Candle is a first person horror game that integrates with Tobii eye tracking technology to provide eye gaze interaction. Players need to play a role who were trapped in a house. The Candle is a “magic lamp” like character who talks with dynamic dialogue. Player needs to pick up the candle, beat and avoid enemies using his eyes and finally escape from the house by the guidance of the candle. *The Candle is developed in Unity3D Engine and will be released on PC platform.

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Zijian Chen, Yubing Xie, Cong Shen, Ruihao Wan, Yujie Sun, Jingyi Zhang, Yufei Lin, Chengqin Kui, Yuan Tian, Wisteria Deng, Xin Ye, Lingling Chen, Xiaoting Zhang, Jiaqi Xu, Jingjia Kong, Tommaso Annoni, Saranya Nayak, Valerie Rose Lohman

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